Our MBRP Athletes share their views on what its like to be a backcountry rider or racer.


2018 Ski-Doo Freeride 154” 3”

Tell us about yourself! How did it all start for you? What got your into snowmobiling?

I started snowmobiling at the early age of 10. I grew up in Northern BC so I used to ride my snowmobile everywhere to get around in the winter. I became obsessed with snowmobiles, I spent nearly everyday after school riding. I gave snocross a try when I was around 13 but unfortunately they cancelled that racing series the next year so I started riding in the backcountry.

Favorite spot to ride?

Mount Baker, Washington

Most memorable riding moment (could be good or bad)?

Dropping the 120’ cliff last season at Mount Baker. The feeling I had when I looked down between my skis as I came of the edge cannot be described.

What MBRP exhaust do you run and why?

MBRP Trail can, It has the perfect combination of sound, weight reduction and looks. Although I frequently switch out to the Race can when I’m feeling the need for a little more in each one of those categories

For future riders what advice would you tell them on achieving sponsorship?

Always be professional especially on social media. Underpromise and overdeliver.

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My name is Dylan Gilbert. 25 years old. I am originally from Maine where I grew up riding snowmobiles on local trails. At 16 years old I bought my first mountain sled and started riding in the northern Maine backcountry. After watching Slednecks films for years on end, I moved to Colorado at age 21 chasing dreams of riding in endless snow nine months a year. I am currently living in Steamboat Springs Colorado where I have four different riding zones all within 30 minutes of my house. Steamboat area has to be one of my favorite riding spots to date due to the terrain, snow fall and the fact that its close to home. There is endless tree riding, cliff drops, climbs and rolling hills for every riding style you could want. My most memorable riding moment would have to be the day I lost my sled in a 20 foot hole in a creek bottom. It was a three foot powder day. I was cruising down this drainage, looking out ahead of me to where i was going next and as i looked down, the ground disappeared. I bailed off the sled just in time to watch it disappear. After walking over to look down the hole where my sled laid, I radioed for help to my fellow riding buddies. We dug our way down into the hole safely and built a runway out. It took four Mainers an hour to get the sled out. All in all nothing was broken and I was okay. It just goes to show that anything can happen to anyone at any time. Us snowmobilers are not invincible.

I run the MBRP trail can on my freeride. I chose this can because it drops a significant amount of weight from the stock can and it has a nice, clean, crisp sound to it. I would recommend this MBRP product to any snowmobiler, no matter what the brand of the snowmobile.

For upcoming riders that are looking to achieve a sponsorship, I would have to say the best way to do so would be to involve yourself in the sledding community. Go to some snow shows, interact with people, be positive, ride hard and push yourself every day to better your riding abilities.


2016 Ski-Doo Freeride 800 154”

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2018 Ski-Doo 600RS

Tell us about yourself! How did it all start for you? What got your into snowmobiling?

I’ve been racing snowcross for 7 years now. I’ve ridden snowmobiles for most of my life and raced motocross from a young age. I had a friend ask me to come out and try snowcross back in 2010 and its just snowballed from there!

Favorite spot to ride?

As far as places we race at, Horseshow Valley is by far my favourite. The long lap times and track built up and down the hills make for a great track.

Most memorable riding moment (could be good or bad)?

My most memorable racing moment was my first Pro Lite at Horseshow Valley in 2013. It was the final race of the year and the win helped me secure 3rd overall in the national championship.

What MBRP exhaust do you run and why?

This season we will be running the new MBRP Race Can for the 600RS Etec. It is a great durable product that can withstand the tough conditions of snowcross.

For future riders what advice would you tell them on achieving sponsorship?

I think the most important thing is to always be presentable and friendly to everyone you meet. Never burn any bridges because you never know what will happen down the road.

Other comments ?

Snowmachines are Cool!

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